Water Nymph by Zhie
Summary: Drabble.Originally posted on OSA for 'hundred word smut' drabble challenge. Elrond/Celebrian
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1. Complete by Zhie

Complete by Zhie
Even from this distance, Elrond knew exactly who it was: His beloved Celebrian splashed at the river's edge with her mother's handmaidens. Of the dozen ellith who happily played in the water on this hot summer's day, only one did Elrond have his eyes upon, following every move she made as the soaked fabric of her thin dress clung to every curve and crevice of her body. Here he dismounted; he would approach on foot and get a closer glimpse of his delightful water nymph. His thoughts already drifted to ways that he could make her wetter than she was.
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