Beyond Canon

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Story Notes:
B2MeM Challenge:O72
Diner's Club: bacon

“Yes, Yucca?” They were sitting on the end of a dock. Yucca was practicing jumping from plank to plank, while Bainith cooled his feet in the water and fished for trout.

Yucca plopped down onto Bainith’s lap. “I like bacon.”

“I know.”

“Also, pie.”

“I know.”

“You know what would be amazing?”

Bainith feigned concentration. “…bacon pie?”

“Bainith, you are amazing! I was thinking it would be amazing if I could think something and make you know what I was thinking and you did!” She cheered and waved at Postmaster Proudfoot. “Bainith’s making me bacon pie! Also, mind reading!”
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