Beyond Canon

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"I loathe Westron. I LOATHE it," stressed Orophin, emphasizing his loathing with something of a sound that nearly sounded like a moo.

Rumil nodded. "Why is it that we are being forced to speak it when there are so many more of us who can speak Sindarin quite well? We should just teach Elodien and Samwise and Frodo how to speak like us and be done with it!"

"Allegedly, Haldir has been instructing her in both Sindarin and Quenya. Not very well, or very quickly, however- she's been here over a decade," Orophin said disdainfully. "Then again, I am positive that there is quite a lot of distraction going on."

"Not listening," replied Rumil, covering his ears. Although very happy for his brother and grandniece and their bonding the previous year, he still didn't want much to think about it.

- - -

Legolas was sitting atop the kitchen table, with one leg drawn up so that his bare foot rested on the table, and the other draped over the edge. His arms were wrapped lazily around his knee and his chin rested on it. His eyes darted from one to the other as they argued, or rather, one did and one refused, which was in and of itself an argument. With his youthful looks and fit figure, one might have mistaken Legolas for the grown child of pair who were fighting (and yet not) except for the fact that he wore upon one finger a ring whose mates were on those of the couple before him.

"Every time I make a mistake, you correct it. I understand that. I want you to! The last thing I want is compliment someone on how beautiful their baby looks and end up saying I want to lick their head!" Elodien exclaimed. Somehow, neither Ellyn laughed at this comment, funny as it was- Haldir didn't, because that would have shown weakness, and Legolas didn't dare, for he had learned within a very short amount of time that the best way to make sure that he stayed out of an argument between his spouses was to simply play referee and make sure things didn't come to blows.

Haldir didn't laugh, and he didn't respond, either. He simply continued to stand as he had been, eyes half-closed in boredom with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Why do you have to get so... stupid, when I correct you?" Elodien stomped her foot and growled as she did it.

Hesitating for a moment, Legolas finally dared to speak. "I always thought Haldir spoke perfect Westron. What are you making corrections on?"

"His spelling!" huffed Elodien. She crossed the room and yanked a sheet of paper from the counter. "You would not believe the sort of thing he considers to be acceptable!" Haldir's eyes went from bored to pissed. "Here, read this," she demanded, shoving the sheet into Legolas' hands.

With a half smile, which was met by unhappiness in both directions, Legolas read the words.

Olive Yew

"Are we planting some trees?" he guessed.

"It's a love note," said Haldir, finally speaking.

"It's terrible!" shouted Elodien. "I thought he was joking, but no, he really thought that was what he was writing."

"Does it matter? It means the same thing," Haldir argued.

Snorting in indignation, Elodien answered, "It does not, it will not, you just can't spell."

"I think it's cute," Legolas finally said. "Olive yew." He laughed, and then looked up, meeting the glare from Elodien. "Well, I still like it," he mumbled, staring down at the paper.

"Keep it then, at least someone appreciates it," said Haldir, giving Elodien a look of annoyance. She snorted once more, and then left the kitchen.

Haldir's glare vanished immediately, and his shoulders sank. He really hated disagreements; he had had enough in Lothlorien. On the other hand, he hated even more to be corrected. Stepping forward to follow after her, he paused when Legolas reached out and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Olive yew, Haldir," said Legolas. The prince leaned forward and kissed Haldir's nose.

"Olive yew, two," he replied.
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