Beyond Canon

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Summary: Following a difficult morning, Maglor goes hunting.
Rated: General Fiction
Categories: Stories of Arda > Bunniverse (PPB-AU) > First Age Characters: Fingon, Maedhros, Maglor
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Challenge: B2MEM 2012
Genre: Dramatic
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Word count: 1012 Read: 2226
Published: March 02 2014 Updated: March 02 2014
Story Notes:
B2MeM Challenge: [I-18] Beasty: Hawk; First Lines: When Shall We Meet Again...; Sons of Feanor: Maglor the Mighty; Talents and Skills: Rope-making; Feanatics: in Beleriand...freedom fighters
Notes:Thanks to lalaith_raina for the quick beta and Dakota for the title. (and whomever did the Feanatics card, because it's my fav)

1. Complete by Zhie [Reviews - 0] (1012 words)