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Summary: Glorfindel and Erestor find themselves at a pivotal point in history, attempting to figure out what side of the wall they should be on.
Warnings: Violence, Character Death, NSS (Non-sexual Slash aka Slash-lite aka my elves are gay but they don’t have time to get a room ‘cause this is WAR, so the only wood is the horse. Okay, I’ll stop now.)
Rated: General Fiction
Categories: Stories of Arda > Extras Characters: Erestor, Glorfindel
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Word count: 5449 Read: 16581
Published: March 19 2015 Updated: March 19 2015
Story Notes:
Cross-over written for TME Challenge. Lord of the Rings (Tolkien’s writings) crossed with The Iliad (Homer’s writings). Not sure if that would make the other fandom Greek Mythology or Homeric Poetry, but I’ll take either one for the win, Alex. They’re both listed on, so it’s whichever works for you, dear reader. I’m just in it for the Elves. Er, I mean, Nymphs... yeah.
Betas: Lalaith_Raina and Smaug, who also helped with the header.

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