2007 Stocking Stuffer Swap


All stories are written for entertainment purposes.  They are not being used to make profit.  Most characters and place names (c) J.R.R. Tolkien Estate.





Beloved Moments

Written for: Zilah

Author Name: TrekQueen

Contact Email: trekqueen@gmail.com

Beta: Rhapsody The Bard

Main Characters/Pairings: Elrond, Celebrían, Elladan, Elrohir

Rating: R

Summary: Elrond and Celebrían share a few special experiences.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Only strict canon-pairings for me. Elrond/Celebrían is my favorite but also Celeborn/Galadriel, Elwing/Eärendil, Thingol/Melian are ok.

Items/Rating Requested = I prefer high rating and I want fluff, romance and lots of loving sex. And I want happy ending. I also adore elflings.

Please DO NOT include = No violence, rape, humiliation, character death and No cheating. No cross-race pairings!

The Bittersweet Reunion

Written for: Erviniae

Author Name: Zilah

Contact Email: zilah.o.imladris@gmail.com

Beta: Tena

Main Characters/Pairings: Elrond/Celebrían

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Elrond finally travels to Valinor and meets his wife, after a long separation.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Elrond/Celebrian

Items/Rating Requested = Reunion in Valinor. Revelation of Arwen's choice. Revelation that the twins and Celeborn have stayed behind for awhile. Finding themselves awkwardly together after so many years apart. Some angst is good. Rating--author's choice--whatever feels right.

Please DO NOT include = No extreme fetishes of any sort. No hobbits or wizards.

By the Snowbourn

Written for: Nuinzilien

Author: Alexcat

Contact Email: alex_cat_45@yahoo.com

Beta Name: Larian Elensar

Main Characters/Pairings: Elrohir/ Éowyn 

Rating: NC-17 

Summary: Éowyn gets lost on her way to Helm's Deep.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Eowyn/ Elf

Items/Rating Requested = R/ NC-17 Blanket Fic. Humor, fluff, light angst all ok.

Blanket Fic: "Two (or more) characters trapped in a blizzard. Its so cold that falling asleep uncovered will undoubtedly cause hypothermia. One blanket. Endless Possibilities.

Please DO NOT include = No character death (other than by reference), no extreme angst, No rape/ tort, no breathplay/ bloodplay/ showers/ scat

Footsteps in Time

Written for: Amber

Author Name: Keiliss

Contact Email: scrapcat21@gmail.com

Beta: Ilye elf

Main Characters/Pairings: Celeborn/Galadriel

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Celeborn and Galadriel, the early years: from Doriath to Balar.

Original Request: 

Requested Pairing = celeborn/galadriel

Items/Rating Requested = before and first years of marriage

The Heart Won't Lie

Written for: Keiliss

Author Name: Carrie

Contact Email: ReynoldsWrapMeUp@mchsi.com

Main Characters/Pairings: Erestor/Arwen; Erestor/OFC

Rating: PG13

Summary: Erestor writes a letter to Arwen years after her death to let her know how he truly felt.

Original Request: 

Requested Pairing = Erestor/Arwen.... PG-13 - soft R, something involving rain, firelight, birdsong. No sad ending, bittersweet would be fine. Please DO NOT include = incest of any kind, humour, pain, oh I don't know, nothing Nasty?

How to Love Him

Written for: Aussie Lass

Author Name: Rhapsody the Bard 

Contact Email: rhapsodybard@gmail.com

Beta: Trekqueen 

Main Characters/Pairings: Finrod/Amarië 

Rating: NC-17  

Summary: On the eve of her wedding night, Amarië has a startling revelation about herself and her love for Finrod

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Finrod/Amarie or Feanor/Nerdanel or Legolas/Eowyn

Items/Rating Requested = any ratings are fine. I would like something a little angsty, but not really really dark

Please DO NOT include = no rape no noncon no slash no kinky stuff

Moonless in Minas Tirith

Written for: Smaug the Ranger

Author Name: Nuinzilien

Contact Email: cats.meow83@gmail.com 

Beta: Zhie

Main Characters/Pairings: Aragorn, Galadriel, Celeborn, others

Rating: PG13

Summary: A moonless night in Minas Tirith, the city that never seems to sleep...

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Aragorn/Galadriel

Items/Rating Requested = The night before his wedding to Arwen, Galadriel sits Aragorn down to give him some advice and tips on what he should do to make her granddaughter happy in bed

Please DO NOT include = no intercourse between Galadriel and Aragorn, but lots of sensual playing around, minor kinky stuff okay but nothing extreme, NO SLASH AT ALL

Of the Fountain

Written for: Rhapsody the Bard

Author Name: Zhie

Contact Email: zhiester@gmail.com 

Beta: Nuinzilien

Main Characters/Pairings: Ecthelion/OFC, Glorfindel, Angrod, Aegnor

Raiting: NC17

Summary: Ecthelion goes hunting.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Ecthelion/OFC , Celegorm/OFC, Beleg/OFC, Maglor/OFC Items/Rating Requested = Any rating is great! LACE-free is highly encouraged ;) If possible I would love to see stories before the Noldor went into exile, or in Beleg's case, before the Noldor returned. :) A high rating is great, but I love romance as well. Or Angst, drama, hurt/comfort....

Please DO NOT include = I don't like stories that have incest in them.

A Perfect Moment in Time

Written for: Vi Janaway

Author Name: Lady Akyrial (Ruth)

Contact Email: shihanmoore@verizon.net 

Beta Name: Haldiraina

Main Characters/Pairings: Elrond and Celebrian

Rating: NC17

Summary: TA 240, a peaceful day in the life of Elrond and Celebrian while the twins are away with Glorfindel.

Original Request: 

A back slice of life involving Elrond and Celebrian.

The Price of Dreams

Written for: TrekQueen

Author: Talullah Red

Contact Email: talullahred@gmail.com 

Beta: Malinornë

Main Characters/Pairings: Írissë/Vanyacar, Varyamo 

Rating: R 

Summary: Vanyacar wishes for that which he cannot truly have.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Glorfindel/Aredhel

Items/Rating Requested = romance, drama, angst, smut

Please DO NOT include = pwp, rape, incest

Shadows of Nan Elmoth

Written for: Talullah Red

Author Name: Malinornë

Contact E-mail: malinorne2003@yahoo.se 

Beta: Mary A

Main Characters/Pairings: Eöl/Aredhel

Rating: PG13, possibly leaning towards a very mild R

Summary: Aredhel seeks a different life and finds it in the shadows of Eöl's realm.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Finduilas/Gwindor or Aredhel/Eol

Items/Rating Requested = I'd like to receive a story with more emphasis on a realistic relationship (any stage) than on typical romance. It doesn't have to be an epic - I'll be happy to receive short story centered on a particular moment/event. I prefer ratings from PG13 to R, though NC17 is also nice, if tastefully done.

Please DO NOT include = Rape, violence, BSDM, child abuse, fluff, humour.

Three Rings

Written for: Lynn

Author: Aussie Lass

Contact Email: aussielassie@gmail.com 

Beta: Flightless Pegasus

Main Characters/Pairings: Thranduil & Olora (OFC)

Rating: NC17

Summary: A meeting in Mithlond turns into a more interesting adventure after Thranduil manages to see and hear things he was not meant to.

Original Request: 

NC-17, Angst, drama, romance, suspense. Thranduil is the Villian who kidnaps Olora, a Maiar, who possesses a jewel shard that is hidden inside of her and the Mirkwood King wants her powers. Not only does he wants her powers, but he vows to make her his queen whether she likes it or not.

Olora looks: She is medium tall, slim, curveous. She is beautiful with dark skin and long dark lashes that bring out her brown round eyes. Her hair flows in dark curls past her shoulders. Her weakness is pain in her right chest.

Thranduil looks: Handsome, aristocratic face, green eyes, long blond hair that he keeps in a long braid.

Please DO NOT include = No BDSM, No slash. I don't want my oc, Olora to die nor do I want Thranduil to die.

Three Seasons

Written for: Malinornë

Author: Smaug the Ranger

Contact Email: iamsmaug@gmail.com

Beta: Zhie

Main Characters/Pairings: Erestor/OFC; Glorfindel/OFC

Rating: NC17


Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Erestor/OFC/Glorfindel

Items/Rating Requested = I'd like a story involving Erestor and Glorfindel paired with a human OFC. Yes, a threesome, and PWP is fine, but a bit of plot is desirable if possible. Rating R or NC-17.

Please DO NOT include = The OFC should not be involved in a long-term relationship with any of the elves.

No heavy angst, no torture or other no-con violence.

Twice Blessed

Written for: Larian Elensar

Author: Erviniae

Contact Email: pmir64@yahoo.com 

Beta: Nikkiling

Main Characters/Pairings: Elrond/Celebrian

Rating: PG

Summary: Elrond makes a discovery.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Celebrian/Elrond

Items/Rating Requested = G to PG, no higher than R. Romantic, light, fluffy even. I want to see the deep love they had for each other. If they have to have a crisis to get through, that would be good too, as long as they end up all safe and sound and happy at the end.

Please DO NOT include = Graphic sex, a lot of dark bad things (minor bad things are okay) but no murder, no kidnapping/rape, etc.

Win or Lose, Celeborn is Still Sleeping on the Floor

Written for: Alexcat

Author: Larian Elensar

Contact Email: larian_elensar@yahoo.com

Betas: Luin and Keiliss

Main Characters/Pairings: Galadriel, Celeborn, Elrond, Rúmil, Haldir, Orophin, Celebrian

Rating: G

Summary: What did Celeborn and Galadriel really think of Elrond as a son-in-law?

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Galadriel/Celeborn

Items/Rating Requested = Any rating is fine. I would love to read a sweetly humorous piece about the Lorien couple, something with a humorous reference to perhaps Her Ring and her being a Noldor elf.

Please DO NOT include = No feitshy stuff.

Winning Love

Written for: Zhie

Author: Amber

Contact Email: lackam@aol.com

Pairing: Melpomaen/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Melpomaen wins love on his majority.

Original Request:

Requested Pairing = Erestor/Galadriel or Melpomaen/Writer's Choice (canon female or OFC, doesn't matter, would just like him to get the girl, y'know?)

Items/Rating Requested = Rating is up to the author; actually, everything is up to the author pretty much… something wintry would be nice, though

Please DO NOT include = no character death, no slash


Lynn's story for Lady Akyrial is delayed

Vi Janaway's story for Carrie is delayed


All stories are written for entertainment purposes.  They are not being used to make profit.  Most characters and place names (c) J.R.R. Tolkien Estate.